"... like a breath of fresh air."

I've just finished doing a bit of design work for one of my wife's many aunts, well it's ongoing really.  I'm very pleased with the identity I came up with, especially as all I had to go on was a name (Clare Gummett) and a broad description of a profession (Lifecoaching, Hypnotherapy, Training).

During my planning with Clare, which involved quite a lot of research on what her peers were doing/saying, she told me that one quote summed things up for her: "Lifecoaching is like a breath of fresh air." I was having trouble thinking of where to start and I mulled over this line for a few moments. Well, actually it was less than a few moments, because strangely (and probably for the first time in my life as a graphic designer) the finished design appeared in my head almost instantly.

I immediately sketched it, right down to the exact leaf shapes. I wrote down the name of the typeface (Cocon Light) and also the colours. For the text it said 'Grey, 2 shades, darker first name, no space' and for the leaves I jotted down some RGB values. At this point there wasn't even a tag line, but my sketch did say 'for any tag lines use something which is like Helvetica with a hint of Futura' - I later found Chalet 1960, which is exactly like Helvetica with a hint of Futura.

I wrote down RGB values rather than actual colour names because I'm colour blind, and to quite a severe degree (as far as I can tell). I find I'm much more accurate if I express colours (either actual or visualised) as RGB numbers. I suppose it's because I spend so much time hovering my mouse pointer over pixels which would, were it not for Photoshop, otherwise confound me.

There are things I did subconsciously which I know are fairly obvious (using all lower case which supposedly makes type seem more friendly) and I know it's not a ground breaking logo by any means, but this was the first thing I came up with and it was still the best. Here are a bunch of other rejected ideas, which all came from experimentation. I didn't even bother trying a different typeface, I knew Cocon would be the one! [click to enlarge]

Actually, now I look at them again, I quite like the last one...

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