Two middle aged men overheard in the post office today:

Man 1: "Allo John, long time no see!"
Man 2: "Allo mate, how's you?"
Man1: "Not too bad. Well, I've been off work for three months."
Man 2: "Oh yeah, why's that?"
Man 1: "Oh it's me shoulder, and then I went and slipped a disc..."
(pauses whilst holding his back and then, in a quieter voice)
"and I've 'ad a bit of the old cancer."
Man 2: "Oh... Right."
(longer pause)
Man 1: "So 'ows that new job of yours going?"
Man 2: "Bloody marvelous! They've given me a new round and I (etc.)"

I listened to them for another five minutes or so. Nobody mentioned the cancer again.

Glenn BroadwayComment