Thanks for visiting my website. Here's a little information about me, in case we haven't met. Or maybe we have met, but I remain a mystery to you (unlikely).


In November 2015 I joined the teaching staff at Meoncross School as a Teacher Of Computer Science. I mainly teach Key Stage 3 (which is years 7-9 to those who don't understand school-speak (and which is 'first year seniors to third year seniors' to old people)). I also run a coding club for kids in years 4-6.

Prior to that I always went with Game Designer, but to be honest it has been a while... In 2014 I finished a three year stint with Software AG, who in 2011 had acquired our company Metismo (where I acted as Creative Director). Metismo was a mobile middleware technology company. The bulk of the work that went on at Metismo baffled me - cross compilers, resource handlers, device databases - and I'm pleased to say that much more brilliant minds than my own kept things running smoothly. For a long time I have worked in the game industry (Metismo was right on the periphery). My most enjoyable and productive time was at IOMO, designing little Java games for mobile phones. Prior to that we worked on games for the web, WAP, pub machines, consoles and PCs (in reverse order). I started out drawing pixel art for 16 bit and 8 bit computers and for quite a while I was a 3D animator. Originally I just wanted to be a graphic designer and I still have an unhealthy interest in fonts. All the time I've been making games I've also been designing for print and web.


My personal interests cross over with my work in many ways. I like to play strategy board games and Texas Hold 'em poker and I've got no excuse for not writing or illustrating more in my spare time. I enjoy working to help children develop creatively, often with computers. Other pastimes include Kubb, piano, film, comic books, tea, camper vans and plenty of other, far more pointless pursuits.